How in the World Should I Display My Family Portraits?

Computers, data, terabytes, and old technology are the downfall of this current generation.  It’s been said that this is the most-photographed generation, and, unfortunately, in twenty years, they will have nothing to show for it.  Do you ever look at old family photos and wonder what life was like “back then”?

In the age of videos and cell-phone photos, you would think that all that mystery is gone, but I’m going to suggest that you are wrong.  Think about the popular phone app, Snapchat.  Those photos are gone the next day.   Consider the photos you took on your first smartphone.  Where are they today?  Are they on a hard drive “somewhere”?  Are they gone forever?  Did you print a single one of them? Does digital clutter give you a headache?

I know what you want mom! You just want ONE GREAT photo with everyone in it. Why do you want it? You want it to capture who your family is today. You want it to have a record of your family history and legacy. You want it because time does not stand still and today is important.

But, what do you want to do with that one great image?

My specialty is family PORTRAITURE and my goal is to give you and your family beautiful imagery that will be on display in your home and handed down from generation to generation.  Digital copies are great, but printed portraits will be the only images that survive future technology shifts.

So, let’s get back to the question at hand. “What in the world should I do with my family portraits?”  Please indulge me in reading through my top ideas:

How Should I Showcase My Family Photos?

  • A single large showcase image on a prominent wall in your home

  • A collection of photos expertly arranged into a pleasing wall collage

  • A beautiful heirloom album

Go Big in the Home

Beautiful photo of framed Family Heirloom wall portrait

First, there is no better way to show your family that they are important to you than to showcase your relationship on the main wall of your living area. Depending on your set-up, the large wall over the fireplace and mantel is a great option. It’s likely a place you see while relaxing in your favorite comfortable chair. A beautiful frame completes this lovely focal-piece.

Sample wrap around photo canvas of family

Some families like the classic look of wrap-around canvas portraits. The canvas texture gives a distinctly classic look to each piece. These can be displayed with or without frames.

Grow With Me Wall Collage

Wall of photos in a collage

You may have many photos that are near and dear to you. Perhaps you have a great staircase or large wall that lends itself to a “Grow With Me” wall collage. This can be added to over the years. May I suggest a lovely Black and White to keep the cohesiveness from year to year? This wall often becomes the talking point at all family gatherings. I love it when memories and stories come flooding back and I get to relive the past.

Everyone Loves an Old Album

Mother and daughter look through a family photo album

Finally, consider a beautiful heirloom, album. Please make sure your professional photographer creates this for you or if you are creating your own, use all acid-free, archival safe materials. Flipping through albums is much more enjoyable than digging through old hard-drives and terabytes of data just to find images of loved ones. I don’t know about your family, but when I’m stuck at the computer looking for images, the family goes and does something else. They quickly lose interest and it is definitely not a family bonding moment for me.

Make a Plan with your Professional Photographer

Family photo sessions in our studio have become known as “heritage portrait sessions”. We discuss what you want to do with your portraits and plan the photo session around your goals. Every pose and setup is carefully planned by me, the professional and all you need to do is show up! With everything planned out ahead of time, the photo session and the ordering appointment go very smoothly. How much easier can that get? Okay, I do understand that you also need to get everyone dressed and looking sharp, but that’s another topic for another blog post!

Your first step is to Schedule a Consultation today. We will discuss your home decor, your goals, and your needs.

No more worry about data recovery and digital clutter. We will create beautiful heirlooms that give you warm fuzzy feelings and leave everyone knowing that they are a special part of your legacy.

Sit back in your comfy chair, mom, and picture the perfect location for your next family portrait.

Family Photographer Consultation Image