3-Months Oh Yeah! {St Peters Baby Photographer}

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St Peters Baby Photographer - 3 Months and happy Another little one visited the studio a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun working my magic on this session.  It really takes a special touch to photograph this age.  At 3 months, a baby is just getting strong enough to hold his head while on [...]

Logan 3 months {St Louis Baby Photographer}

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St Louis Baby Photographer | K Thaemert Photography Here we go!  three months is the start of the Baby's First Year portrait plan.  We are known throughout St. Charles & St. Louis for the Baby Plan! I get to watch him grow through his 1st Birthday photo session and beyond.  Logan is back to show [...]

3 Month old Twins! {St Charles Twin Baby Photography}

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Twin baby photography | St Charles Missouri One baby, two babies... I'm photographing twins!  Today I'll backtrack a little and post some older images of the twins.  I've photographed them a few times already and need to get caught up. I have so much respect for parents of multiples, I really do.  This amazing couple [...]

Sweet Baby Girl {St. Charles Baby Photographer}

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St Charles Baby Photographer At three months, your baby is now an infant.  She can recognize faces and loves to look at bright things.  We have a bright red shaker that almost always catches the baby's attention.  Between that and my silly sounds and faces, I can usually get a few smiles.  I can't always [...]

3 & 6 Month Sweetie {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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I just adore this little sweetie.  My youngest daughter calls her "Ladybug".  Well, Ladybug is just about the happiest little baby I've ever met.  She gave me smiles, smirks, silly faces, serious looks and pretty much everything in-between.  These photos are from the first two of four sessions as part of the Baby Steps, Baby's [...]

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