1st Birthday Pictures for Baby Boy | St Charles Baby Photographer

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Aren't 1st Birthday Pictures the BEST? Experienced and Trustworthy! Karen Thaemert: St Charles Baby Photographer Baby's first year goes by so quickly.  You've probably snapped hundreds of cell phone pictures as the days and months passed.  All of a sudden, you are planning the birthday party and his 1st Birthday Pictures.  Photographed in a studio [...]

Celebrate Baby’s First Year | St Charles Baby Photography

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        Celebrate Baby's First Year | St Charles Baby Photography There's nothing better than watching a baby grow throughout the first year.  The first milestone we celebrate is holding his head high.  Next, sitting is to be showcased and finally, standing and eventually walking.  Did you know that most babies take their [...]

First Birthday Bash {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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St Charles Baby Photographer for First Birthday Photos Let's celebrate your baby's first birthday.  Want formal portraits, fun cake smash pictures or baby in the bucket?  Lets show how big baby is.  Maybe he's already walking (easier if he isn't but I have tricks to keep him in place).  This little guy has such a [...]

Happy 1st Birthday {St Peters Baby Photographer}

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 Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy! {St Peters Baby Photographer} It is so much fun photographing babies on the Baby Steps, Baby's First Year Plan.  I love, love, love seeing them grow and change.  See how he's changed in his 1-year photo collage from 3, 6, 9 and 12 months! The Baby Plan is 3 sessions [...]

Baby Girl Turns One {St Charles Child Photographer}

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St Charles Child Photographer | Baby Girl's First Birthday Session I've had the privilege of photographing this family and their two sweet daughters since their first maternity session. It's hard to believe it's been 2 maternity sessions, 2 newborn sessions and 2 complete baby plans! Wow! It really is the BEST compliment to have clients [...]

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