Festival of the Little Hills | by St Charles Photographer, Karen Thaemert

St Charles, Missouri is an amazing town!  I love the street festivals and this Festival is one of my favorites.

I grew up a Michigander.  When I was in college (in Michigan), I traveled with the choir on spring tour.  One of our stops happened to be St Charles.  I fell in love with the town.  I added it to my short list of “places I want to live some day”.  It’s crazy how things work out, but I ended up moving to north county after graduation and a few short years later, I found myself married and buying a house here in St Charles.

I think we have the best of everything here in St Charles: we’re big enough to have multiple shopping centers, county libraries, malls, schools etc and small enough to still have our historic Main Street with all it’s history and brick-covered roads.  I absolutely love the shops down there and the feeling of yesteryear.  A highlight (for me anyway), marking the end of summer vacation is the Festival of the Little Hills.  This year, I decided to document my visit with a few cell-photos. I did see a number of people down there with full-sized cameras but I wanted to shop and not be cumbered with equipment.


Photos by St Charles Photographer documenting the day at the Festival of the Little Hills

We really enjoyed chatting with Fred Meder of Mi Armada Apiaries.  He taught us about bee keeping, showed us a hive and had honey on hand as well! It was so informative and we really enjoyed chatting with Fred.  I learned something new! I had questioned what happens to the honey in the winter, knowing that you are not supposed to put honey in the refrigerator. He explained that the constant motion of the bees keeps the hive a perfect temperature even during the coldest winter day.  In fact, those bees nearest the center of the hive have to occasionally move to the outside of the circle so as to not get too warm.  What a life a bee has!

Mi Armada Apiaries at the Festival of the Little Hills by St Charles Photographer

We also enjoyed walking around down on the waterfront.  The old cars and wooden boats definitely caught our attention.  These were here thanks to the American Truck Historical Society. Back to shopping, we quickly found a favorite vendor: Yardbirds!  I love how they use old scrap metal and create unique, fun and cute characters.  One of my favorites was an adorable little frog sculpture… sorry I didn’t get a photo of it.    My absolute favorite one is the motorcycling dog below!

Photos of old cars, boats, Yardbirds statues a the Festival of the Little Hills

And my final set of images is from the Space Art Company artist tent.  This woman was absolutely AMAZING!  I have to say it made the biggest impression on me out of all the many artists.  I cannot understand how she can make such beautiful creations with cans of spray paint, a few accessories, and her hands.  I watched her create numerous pictures and with each successive one, I became more amazed.

Photos of Space Art Company by St Charles Photographer at the annual Festival of the Little Hills

Well, thanks for visiting.  It’s nice to take a break from the normal to share a few photos from my family’s adventures.  If you haven’t ever experienced the Festival, I believe it should be on your bucket list.

What’s your favorite part of the Festival of the Little Hills? Why?

Share with me below in the comments!


Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Photographer