St Charles Family Photographer in New Town

I’m all snowed in … time for a blog post!

This was a December shoot – outdoors.  Oh, it could have been sooooo cold and snow covered.  In fact only days away from this shoot, it was!  But, we were blessed with a semi-warm early winter day.  Sun and warmth.  Ahhhh

As residents of New Town, St Charles, this family had a great location right outside their front door!  It was natural for us to photograph there.  Thankfully, the wind was calm, the sun was shining and the sky was blue!  I was happy to be able to accommodate them while all of the family was in town for the holidays.

When was YOUR last family portrait?  Indoors or out, for most of my readers, I’m sure it’s time to schedule one.  Don’t wait until you shed those 15 pounds, don’t wait until your teen gets the braces off, don’t wait until everything is “perfect” because it never will be.  Guess what!  The little guy in these photos had a hurt foot and a walking boot!  We worked around it and captured this family exactly how they were at that exact time in their lives.  That’s my job.  I help you document your family as you are today!

St Charles Family Photographer group shot in New Town

St Charles Family Photographer young boy

St Charles Family Photographer in New Town

St Charles Family Photographer cousins

St Charles Family Photographer at the water front

St Charles Family Photographer Uncle and nephews

St Charles Family Photographer New Town Portraits


St Charles Family Photographer Black & White portrait

St Charles Family Photographer Grandparents in New town

Family portraits really are special to me.  You really never know when someone you love will no longer be in your lives.  Make your next family session today.  Give me a call.  Don’t worry about Grandma not wanting to be in portraits, getting that family heirloom and memory of your family TODAY is so important.  When things change in 5 years – because they will, call me and we’ll update.

You can reach me by calling 636-947-5956 during regular business hours.  Please leave a message if I don’t answer.  If I’m with another client, I’ll let it go to voicemail.  You may also contact me via the online contact form HERE.

Family Portrait sessions can be photographed either in the studio or on location.  If weather is an issue, we will always have a back-up plan!

Talk to you soon!


Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Family Photographer