Got Questions?

  • What should I Wear? We usually suggest that you bring a variety of outfits.  A good guideline is to plan a variety of outfits that fit in these categories:  1) Something really nice, 2) Something dressy-casual and 3) Something that is 100% completely YOU.  4) Clothing related to your sport or hobby

  • Where should we go? It’s a great big world out there!  We can make amazing photos at the studio as well as outdoors.  Using a long portrait lens, means that I can make the most of almost any location.  (One of my favorite spots is a fence that blocks off a dumpster and looks like “nothing special”).  In town, at a park, at the studio, by the river, in a parking lot… Let’s talk about you and I’ll help you craft the perfect session.  The time of day doesn’t matter for “best light” either because I bring my own lighting gear and can create whatever lighting effect I want.

  • What time of year is the best? Any time of the year can work – even the dead of winter.  It all depends on what you want your photos to look like.  If most of your backgrounds will be textured brick or wooden walls, it won’t matter what the sky looks like.  Some of my favorite photos were taken when the trees were bare.  Remember that I  use a LONG portrait lens that blurs out the background and puts focus on YOU.  But, here’s the deal… Winter can be cold, Summer can be hot, Fall can be windy and spring is usually rainy and muddy.  In my opinion, NO time of the year is 100% perfect, so that makes any time of the year, just fine.  Many graduates like to have their session in the summer before starting their senior year.  That way, you have the photos for Christmas gifts, and can use them for banquets and display anywhere you are being honored.  Some students are really busy with fall sports and wait until the spring.  Some parents want to remember their son/daughter as they looked at the end of senior year and not the beginning.  Really, it’s all up to you and your schedule.

  • Can you remove acne? Of course we can – and we will.  My professional retoucher will make you look your best and it is all included in our service to you.  Acne, bruises, stray hairs etc are no problem.  Skin smoothing for females is also included.  I’ve been shooting for a local magazine since 2015 and we are great with magazine type retouching.

  • What about Hair and Make-up? We can hook you up with a talented, local hair and make-up artist or you can take care of your hair and make-up needs yourself.  If you go to someone, please tell them this is for a portrait session.  They will likely not use make-up with glitter (it catches the flash of the lights) and will use a less-transparent foundation.  If you are doing your own make-up, wear it a bit heavier than you do for every-day wear.  Keep it natural, but a little more than your normal.

  • What if we have Bad Weather? The days leading up to your shoot, we will keep an eye on the weather.  Try to keep your schedule a little bit open that day in case we need to adjust your time.  If needed, we’ll reschedule it to the next day or a few days later.  It’s rare for that to happen though.  If the skies are gray but it’s not raining, we’ll stay on as scheduled.  I can always do a sky replacement.  My portable lighting equipment will put you in the best possible light.  It’s all good!  P.S.  Wind is worse than rain will ever be.

  • What’s the Process? Before or after we get your session on the calendar, you are welcome to a complimentary pre-session consultation.  This can be in person (preferred) or over the phone.  We’ll use this time to plan the session details and tailor it to your personality and what your parents want.  After the shoot, you will come to the studio to select your favorite images and purchase the package(s) you want.  Then, my amazing retoucher, Angela, will enhance your photos and take care of making you look your BEST.  That takes her about a week.  After that, if you ordered an album, photo collage, or grad announcements, I’ll take care of the design work.  You will get to proof designed items before we print at the professional portrait lab.  Designs take 1-4 weeks and printing takes less than a week.  Everything is 100% guaranteed.  If you want additional retouching, we will gladly do that and reprint.

  • What do most people buy? First off, I believe in printing photos.  Digital is great but in 10 years, most people lose track of digital media.  Plus, technology is changing quickly.  None of my current computers even have a CD/DVD drive and that was the standard way to deliver digital files 5-10 years ago.  In fact, my newest computer doesn’t even have a FLASH drive connection.  With that said, we have print packages, wall portraits, canvas portraits, the very popular metal prints, albums, and digital packages (which ALL come with printed reference portraits).  What people buy really varies, but many senior families love to get an album because it holds 30+ of your favorite photos!