St Peters Baby Photographer – Twins turn 1

Oh, I do love photographing baby’s first birthday portraits!  This session was double the fun with two girls.  They were at the perfect stage for this session – standing, cruising, happy and not yet running all over the room.  Once babies start walking independently, photo sessions are a new sort of challenge, as I’m sure you can imaging!

You know, my husband made these wooden numbers for me so many years ago.  I have ONE through FIVE.  Each one is exactly the same size, height-wise.  I look at the height of the babies when I photograph them standing next to the number one and then, each year through the toddler years, we see how much they grow.

Well, here are the girls wearing tutus, bows, pearls and a some birthday cake frosting too.


St Charles Baby Photographer First Birthday Cake





These girls were participants in our Baby’s First Year, Baby Steps Portrait Plan.  In the plan, I photograph the baby as she grows; three or four portrait sessions.  While most of the babies we photograph are part of the portrait plan, it’s not necessary to be a member for baby photography.  Who do you know that has a baby with a birthday in the near future?  Share this post with them or tag them on my FB page!

See you in the studio soon!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Peters Baby Photographer