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The Session Options

We offer studio sessions, location, seasonal, yearbook only, concept shoots, destination sessions and special sports shoots.

Below are the 2019 Senior Session options and the session fees.  You will come to the studio to select your favorites and purchase your portrait packages.

Location with 6 Outfits


Outdoor Location(s)

Up to 6 outifts

Approximately 2 Hours

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Location with 3 Outfits

Location senior photo session in St Charles, MO

Outdoor Location
Up to 3 outfits
Approximately 60 Min

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Both Studio & Location


Studio & Location Shoot

2-3 outfits at each location

Approximately 45 Min each

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Studio with 2 Outfits


Studio Shoot

Up to 2 outfits

Approximately 45 Min

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Split Season - Two Shoots


Outdoor Locations

Two Different Seasons

(2) 90-minute Sessions

Album Purchase Required

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Creative Concept Shoot


Themed Shoot

Studio or Location

Approximately 2 Hours

Wall Art Purchase Required

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Yearbook Only - Studio Shoot



1 Outfit

Approximately 25 Minutes

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Complementary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation for Senior Photos


Meet at the Studio

Or chat via phone/video

Discuss your Senior Session

Share ideas/Plan.

Approximately 30 Min

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We can create AMAZING sports photos



Questions & Answers

You take YEARBOOK photos? What about the contract photographer?2018-06-19T17:49:25-05:00

The majority of the schools around the St Charles and St Louis area have a specific photo studio that takes the high school senior photos.  Those are either taken at the school or at the contract studio.  Most of them will try and up-sell you to buy a package.  For some families, this is good enough for senior pictures.  For most seniors and parents, they want better variety, better quality and an experience that is more fun!  Since 2006 our motto has been:

Get your required yearbook photo and come to us for everything else.

For the schools that do not have a contract photographer, we will photograph a number of poses from which you can select your yearbook pose and we will send directly to the yearbook advisor.  We have a very good working relationship with Lutheran High School, St Charles and share a Dropbox folder which makes delivering the photos especially easy.

This is overwhelming. Can we sit down to talk about what we want?2018-10-26T21:49:21-05:00

Absolutely!  We actually encourage ALL of our high school senior clients and parents to sit down with us before your session to both plan the session and see the beautiful portrait products we have to offer.  We prefer that a consultation happen in person at the St Charles Studio.  However, since a number of our clients drive quite a distance or have demanding sports schedules, we also can connect via video call or phone.  Another option is for us to meet in YOUR home.  This option gives the most flexibility for you if you want wall portraits or wall collages.

All Creative Concept add-on sessions require a consultation (or more if necessary).  Because the Creative Concept Session is specifically tailored to match your personality to create a product that can only be dreamed-up, we must collaborate together to plan, orchestrate, design and execute the perfect artwork.

What are the Session Options?2018-06-19T17:48:32-05:00

We have new session options for 2019

What products are available?2018-10-26T21:49:21-05:00

Our studio focuses on delivering a complete product to you. We can frame and design the perfect product.  We understand that most of our clients are not photographers or designers. We have both retouchers and designers on staff who will give your portraits the best care.  All ordered portraits are fully retouched to remove blemishes, stray hairs, and professionally enhanced to make you look your best.

Some of the products that are popular among our high school senior clients include

  • Metal wall portraits
  • Albums and books
  • Wrapped canvas
  • Framed portraits
  • Gift portraits for you to keep and share with family/friends
  • Accordion Albums


Where should we go?2018-10-26T21:49:21-05:00

The St Charles and St Louis areas have SO much to offer and have much variety.  Here are just a few of your options:

  • ANY of the local parks (too many to name)
  • Main Street, St Charles (and/or the riverfront)
  • 2nd Street area St Charles
  • New Town, St Charles
  • Main Street, Cottleville (with parks nearby)
  • Busch Wildlife
  • Your house or property
  • Your school
  • Your church
  • Your athletic club or other place of recreation
  • Some place that has meaning to you
  • Forest Park
  • Other St Louis Attractions (Many may have fees, and arrangements must be made ahead of time)

We must keep in mind that other people use public places and some places require us to gain permission before arriving.

I use a long camera lens and can make almost any location work.  We will need to discuss the time of day once a location has been selected.  Some locations can work at any time of the day.

If you haven’t already done so, why don’t you fill out the SENIOR SURVEY BY CLICKING HERE.  That will help me get to know you and have some really good suggestions that fit your personality.  It’s a big survey but I really do read every.single.word and would be happy to make suggestions.  And, don’t worry.  Some kids don’t make a decision until it’s almost time for the shoot.  I’m really good with my camera and lighting and we can make it work.

What’s the best time of year to take senior photos?2018-06-19T17:48:02-05:00

Now that’s a tough question.  Not to sound “cheeky”, but any time of the year can be good and bad.  The weather can be great any month of the year in Missouri.  It can also be terrible.  It’s better to plan your shoot around your outfits and ideas.  If you want a field of flowers, early spring is ideal, but if you request a field of flowers in November, you will get a field of tall grasses.  (This was an actual request and we pulled it off!  I liked the warm tones of the grasses better than any spring flower anyway).  Every season has it’s draw-backs.  I pretty much have a solution for heat, cold, rain (yes I’ve photographed in the rain), snow (what’s that???), and everything in between.  The only thing that is tough to work with is strong winds and long hair.

So, my suggestion?  Plan your outfits and get on my calendar whenever you want.  If it’s July, plan for an early morning shoot.  If it’s a rainy spring, plan to be flexible with the timing of your session.  If you want snow, we’ll put you on the calendar and wait and pray for that ONE day (which is definitely going to be spur of the moment.

Do you have any deadlines to consider?  Schools often have dates when specific things need to be turned in.  Please check when yearbook submissions (if I am submitting your yearbook photo), parent ads, etc are due.  Also, if you want photos for banquets, awards ceremonies and other events, please give adequate time for us to deliver the photos.

How can I book a session?2018-06-23T18:44:48-05:00

You can use our online booking found here: Online Booking Options for Senior Sessions CLICK HERE

You can also call our studio line at 636-947-5956

We are happy to chat via email as well: info@thaemertphotography.com