Classic, Beautiful Maternity Shoot or Bold Like Beyonce´?

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Ladies, when you find out you're pregnant, there are a rush of emotions. Of course there's the: Yay! I'm going to be the mom! My dreams are coming true. I can't wait to see what he or she looks like. A BABY!!!! I'M HAVING A BABY!  But there's also the fear: Will I be a [...]

I Have an iPhone. Why Hire a Professional?

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Sometimes people ask me, "why should I pay for photography? It's too expensive, can't I get the same picture with my iPhone? My friend's daughter, or Aunt Lucy has a nice camera; she can do it for dirt cheap." Where to begin... Photography ultimately comes down to memories. Capturing memories in a stunning, and artistic [...]

18 months and all Irish! |Fun Kid Photographer

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Did you know that at 18 months your baby is now a toddler? He is into imitation and learns by imitating everything they see. I use this knowledge when photographing 18-month olds.  I love trying to get them to imitate my facial expressions, noises and poses. Today I'm excited to share this very fun toddler [...]

Why the Little Blue Stool?

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If you've been following me for any amount of time, or ever been photographed by me, you'll know about my little blue stool. This stool goes beyond just helping me reach what I need. This little blue stool has become a part of my identity. I know, that sounds dramatic. But it's been a part [...]

I see the LIGHT! A High School Senior session at night

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Photographing a Senior Session at night?  Really? Yep!  Tyler's session began much later than we had scheduled and that took us well into the evening, past dusk.  Thankfully, I had both experience photographing at night and I had the equipment needed in my van. What's the big deal about night photography? Being in the photography [...]