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St Charles Baby Photographer, K Thaemert Photography is a master with baby’s first year portraits. We photograph your baby 3-4 times during baby’s first year at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

3-Months Oh Yeah! {St Peters Baby Photographer}

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St Peters Baby Photographer - 3 Months and happy Another little one visited the studio a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun working my magic on this session.  It really takes a special touch to photograph this age.  At 3 months, a baby is just getting strong enough to hold his head while on [...]

Happy 1st Birthday {St Peters Baby Photographer}

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 Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy! {St Peters Baby Photographer} It is so much fun photographing babies on the Baby Steps, Baby's First Year Plan.  I love, love, love seeing them grow and change.  See how he's changed in his 1-year photo collage from 3, 6, 9 and 12 months! The Baby Plan is 3 sessions [...]

Baby Boy Football Fan! {St Charles Newborn Photographer}

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Brand new baby boy Portrait Session {St Charles Newborn Photographer} I was thrilled to photograph this little guy.  His arrival was greatly anticipated .  I know his parents outside of the photography studio and it really was fun waiting for him.  Actually, we wanted his parents to participate in all the recent Christmas/music performances so [...]

One Year Old Twins {St Peters Baby Photographer}

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 St Peters Baby Photographer - Twins turn 1 Oh, I do love photographing baby's first birthday portraits!  This session was double the fun with two girls.  They were at the perfect stage for this session - standing, cruising, happy and not yet running all over the room.  Once babies start walking independently, photo sessions are [...]

The Twins are sitting! {St. Charles Baby Photographer}

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St Charles Baby Photographer | Twins at 6 Months There is nothing better, from a baby's perspective, than the ability to see the world from a seated position.  I remember how happy my own kids were once they could sit unassisted.  From a photographer's perspective, it's the perfect time to capture big smiles and true joy. These [...]