certified_professional_photographer St Charles Missouri

Karen Thaemert is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) – She is one of only 13 in the St Louis metro area (including Illinois)


Pkg 1: Up to 12 images – $120
Pkg 2: Up to 18 images – $165
Pkg 3: Up to 24 images – $200
Pkg 4: Up to 30 images – $250
Pkg 5: Up to 35 images – $290
Pkg 6: Up to 50 images – $400

Drone: Add-on Packages- starts at $75, just drone starts at $150
Video Walkthrough set to music: $150-$400
Twilight: Up to 2 images – $175
Video Slideshow of still images set to music: +$25
Print-ready Flyer: starting at $30
Commercial images: Please ask for quote

*Additional charges for commercial images, excessive staging and/or wait time, and non-local: 25+ miles away
*Digital files delivered 1-2 business days via DropBox (Usually the next morning)
*Video Walkthrough delivered 2-3 business days via DropBox
*Professional Photo Editing for highest curb appeal (We do NOT outsource overseas – you know that fake look)

Suggestions for calculating the best package for your listing

The nicer the home, the more details or angles you may want captured.  Special features like pools, exterior buildings, landscaping, new remodels, built-ins, beautiful staging may warrant multiple angles of an area which otherwise would only call for 1-2 views:

EXAMPLE of Package 1 (up to 12 images)
1 front of house, 1 back of house, 2 Living area, 2 Kitchen, 1 Bedroom #1, 1 Bedroom #2, 1 Bathroom, 1 Basement, 2 other

EXAMPLE of Package 2 (up to 18 images)
2 front of house, 1 back of house, 2 Living area, 2 Kitchen, 2 Dining Room, 2 Bedroom #1, 1 Bedroom #2, 1 Bedroom #3, 1 Bathroom #1, 1 Bathroom #2, 1 Basement, 2 other

FAQ for Booking a Real Estate Photography Shoot:

Q: What if I don’t know the number of images I want/need?
A: We will estimate based on the rooms in the home or the rooms you want photographed.  Let me know your upper budget near that estimate and I will make sure I do not go over that.

Q: What if I want you to just give full-coverage as you see fit and I don’t want to calculate the number of images ahead of time?
A: No problem, I will shoot as I always do and only bill for what is delivered

Q: What if I select a package which is bigger than I really needed?
A: Your invoice will be adjusted before asking for payment

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment is due upon delivery of the Dropbox link (usually the next morning)

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Cash, Check, Credit Card.  Checks may be delivered at the time of the shoot or mailed to the studio.  Credit card payments may be made via a link in your email (the same email as the Dropbox link).  You may also call the studio number with your card.  If you prefer to keep a card on file, please fill out the credit card authorization form (click to download) and either mail it to the studio or deliver in person.

Q: How do I receive the images?
A: Images are delivered via Dropbox link.  You will see two folders; one folder for web-sized images, appropriate for MLS and one folder for printable images, appropriate for flyers.