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No more waiting in line, click-click, you’re done, see-ya next time chain-store photography services. In our studio, you are treated as a one-of-a-kind client. You will never be rushed!Baby Portrait Plan St Charles baby photography 4 image photo collage

Baby Portrait Plan Club Details:

Baby’s First Year

This is the most important time in your baby’s life to take photographs and forever preserve those little toes, ears, hands, feet and lips. Babies are the heart of the studio and our main focus. Your baby will become one of “ours” and will forever have a special place in Karen’s heart. Karen is thrilled that you have invited her into a small corner of your family.

With our BABY STEPS Baby Portrait Plan, your baby comes in for three sessions at 3/4 months, 6/7 months and 12 months. You will not pay a session fee for these baby plan appointments and at the end you will receive a framed 10×20 photo collage with an image from each session!

Karen reserves adequate time for each of your sessions. You will have time to feed, diaper, and care for your baby. Your appointment time is only for you and you will never be rushed!

Many clients chose to add on the optional 9-month session to make the plan a 3, 6, 9, 12 month plan!

NOTE: Due to our existing clients that keep us very busy, we can only accept 6 babies each month! If you’re the 7th caller, you will be put on a waiting list and given preference for next month. So, don’t delay, or you may miss out on this incredible opportunity! (Yes, this monthly number went down. Sorry)

Baby Portrait Plan: Now only $125

 St Charles Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Maternity and Newborn

The Baby’s First Year plan above is only for babies ages 3-months to a year. I know that many of our clients still want the Maternity and Newborn sessions. These sessions are still available and extremely popular! Please call 636-947-5956 to schedule Maternity and Newborn sessions.

Please remember that the BEST newborn portraits are taken when the baby is 10 days old or younger.

Price varies depending on which session(s) you want. Schedule both and save!

Remember call early to get in on the plan. Make your first call a couple of months before your baby is born. Thanks!

$75 each session or $105 for both