Orchard Farm 2014 Grad by {St Charles Senior Photographer}

If there’s one thing you can expect when photographing at New Town, it’s wind!  It, of course, did not fail us.  Because of the extreme gusts, we had to find creative places to photograph.  Thankfully, New Town, St Charles has an infinite variety of locations.

We have a tradition with this family.  Each girl gets a photo in front of the pond with her first car!  Three girls down, one to go.

St Charles Senior Photographer Car

The seniors at Orchard Farm High School have a great barn available to them (thanks to a friendly local neighbor).  The kids paint it and each senior signs his or her name.  When you are on the committee to do the painting, it’s even more fun to get your photo taken in front of the barn!  I absolutely love this shot!  The sky was amazing too.


Orchard Farm High School Senior Photographer

St Charles Senior Photographer Orchard Farm High

St Charles High School Senior Photography

New Town St Charles High School Senior Girl at New Town


I had so much fun in 2013 with high school seniors.  We went to some great locations and the kids were amazing.  2014 Grads will continue to book from now through the summer.  Class of 2015 studio reps begin photographing in March.  Full sessions begin in June!

Interested in being a 2015 or 2016 class rep?  Give me a call or shoot me a message.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

High School Senior Photographer, St Charles