Who Wants to See Santa??

Book your 2020 Private Session with Santa

Limited Dates:  11/21, 11/28, 11/29, 12/5, 12/6 and 12/12

COVID PLAN: Some of the dates above will be WITH Santa and some will be with
a “Virtual Santa” (who will be added after the session using Digital
Computer Magic*)

The children and Santa do not need to wear a mask, but the rest of us will.

We are skipping poses that include hugging Santa and sitting on his lap, among other close poses, but we still have so many options in our beautiful setup.

*Digital Computer Magic = Photoshop

You must call to book

(After hours, please click here: Santa 2020 Form)

$85 Session Fee

Portraits, Albums, Gift Items additional

What is a Santa Experience?

The 2020 Santa Experience at the K Thaemert Photography Studio is a time for your child to experience the Magic of the Season.  It is 45 minutes of a private portrait session and a unique experience with Santa; it is time to play in our child-friendly Christmas set, time to talk with Santa, to share a wish list.  Get a chance to view Santa’s Naughty/Nice list first hand.  Which side are you on?  It is time for games, cookies, and a little bit of magic too!*

*Not all activities are appropriate for all ages, but we have plenty for everyone to experience some Magic and fun.

The Santa Experience is much, much more than 2 minutes on Santa’s lap after a long wait in a mall line, and a mall-quality picture.  It is a chance for your family to recapture the magic of Christmas all while we create beautiful heirloom portraits for you and for future generations.

We have only a handful of spots available this season, so book now!

What is included in the $85 Session Fee?

Your Santa Experience includes:
45-minutes of dedicated time with Santa (or in the beautiful Santa Set with virtual Santa added later)
A letter from Santa sent via US Mail prior to your session*
Cookies with Santa
Social Media Files of all ordered poses
Hand-finished art by our expert team
A special reveal appointment a few days later to view/purchase your portraits

Click here to view the Santa Experience Pricing Guide

*Note: If you book late, the note will be emailed to you to print and place in an envelope.


Is there an age requirement? No, any age, young or not can be in the photos.  With 14 years of experience as a baby photographer, we have the tools and props to work with all ages.

What do you suggest for outfits? The image above is the current Santa Set.  Consider these options: Christmas jammies, old-fashioned jammies, Sunday best, cutsie Holiday outfits…

Can we bring a gift for Santa to give my child? Yes!  Absolutely.  Please wrap it and bring it inside another bag so that your child does not see it.

My child has a “LIST” for Santa, should we bring it? 100%, yes.  Santa would definitely like to see the list.

What happens if my baby cries? It happens… we have quite a few opportunities for your baby to interact with our set.  It is perfectly okay for mom & dad to get in some images while Santa is there.  You know what… it will be just fine.

How many people can be in a photo? We can accommodate a family, but an extended family will be too many on this small set.  From edge to edge, it is about 12-feet wide, that includes props, trees, chairs etc.

What do Portraits Cost? We have a wide range of products for gift giving, personal display and heirloom.  Print-portrait packages start at $250. A la carte is also available.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SANTA EXPERIENCE PRICE GUIDE.