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We photograph both individual business portraits and group/team portraits. You can select either a studio portrait or a location around town (your office, outdoor location, etc.)

Individual Business Portraits/Headshots

One person per image. Delivered in two sizes: suitable for printing up to 12″ and suitable for web.

Single individual in studio – $95/file
2-10 People in studio – $85/file
10+ People in studio – $75/file
5-10 People on location – $85/file plus $75 set up fee
11-20 People on location – $85/file, no set up fee
21-30 People on location – $75/file, no set up fee
31-50 People on location- $65/file, no set up fee

Black and white conversions, add $10/file
Large-format, suitable from 13″ to billboard size – $150/file
Locations further than 20 miles from the studio will have a travel fee.

Group photos for business

Multiple people per image. We can photograph these at the studio or on location. Large groups in the studio will be photographed individually and pieced together into a group composite. Professionals come and go, and we have found that you will get more “mileage” from your team photo if we put it together digitally.


Set up fee: $0 studio, $75 location
2-7 People in a single image $175
8-15 People in a single image $225
16+ Location call for quote
16+ People in the studio must use composite

Composite Images

Photographed at the studio, every person is photographed individually in a variety of full-length poses. Afterward, all of the images are composited together to form one image. The final image will be delivered in both web-format and large-format, suitable up to billboard size. This is a benefit for teams who regularly add and subtract team members. Since this also allows for team members to be photographed at different times, the prices are set considering multiple set-up times for the photographer.

Composite Pricing:

5+ individuals at one sitting: $40/person
1-4 individuals at one sitting: $65/person
Add a person after original composite is created: $85/person
Remove a person from original composite: $50
Purchase your individual image: $60